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PCIE HDMI 1080P30fps video capture card - Velocap HD82A
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Product features

* HDMI input with signals from 480I/P  - 1080I/P 50/60hz

* Watch your video from DVD player/Camcorder/HD video player/game console on PC

* Clear and sharp definition, OBS /VMIX supportted

* Standard/High definition video signal capturing, with resolution ranging from 640*480 to 1920*1080

* Real time, high definition and dynamic image capturing

* Screenshot

* HDMIl stereo audio capturing

* Multiple-card on one device, with low profile

Advanced features

 Slot type  pci-e 1x
 input  HDMI×1
 input video  NTSC/PAL 480i/p,576i/p,720p,1080i,1080p 50/60hz(YUV)
 DVI 1280*720, 1920*1080 60hz(RGB converted to YUV)
  audio  16bit 48khz dual-channel
  capture  640*480-1920*1080 25-60fps (max 30fps on 1080i/p mode)
 OS support  Windows Vista/Windows 7/8/10
 recommended hardware  dual-core 2G or above,memory 1G or above